Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

STEM sessions and activities are designed to capitalise on children’s curiosity and help them develop their ideas and solutions by linking skills used in maths, science, design and technology, and art.  Children are natural investigators and using questions and/or challenges as a starting point will help the children to discover answers through methods of inquiry – identifying problems, hypothesising, gathering data and drawing and testing conclusions.  Children’s intellectual development is a focus as well as helping them to understand how to be successful in the every changing technological world of the twenty-first century.


Our focus on STEM will be through planned STEM, outdoor learning activities and termly whole school days:

  • Build enthusiasm for science, maths, design and technology and create confident learners in these subjects
  • Develop key learning skills – problem solving, team work, resilience, creativity, intellectual curiosity
  • Expose pupils to real life challenges in their environment and professionals working in STEM related employment
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of science maths and design and technology on the world
  • Respond to national priorities to build capacity in engineering and science employment sectors
  • Develop capacity for pupils’ critical enquiry
  • Improve outcomes in maths, science and design and technology
  • Contribute to assessment data to continuously improve the learning outcomes across the STEM subjects.

To make the STEM curriculum really special, Hutton Cranswick C P School will engage the support of STEM ambassadors, HETA (Hull) Humber EBP and other local skill-sets that support the aims of the National Curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths.  They will provide expert teaching, specialist equipment, activities and programmes and whenever possible involve governors, parents and other community members working alongside teachers and the children. At Hutton Cranswick C P School, we are fortunate that we have a dedicated outdoor learning area within our school grounds which will be used by all children across the school.


The children and adults at Hutton Cranswick School use the outdoor learning environment as a means of enhancing the learning experience for the children and  developing activities and learning opportunities that cover a number of disciplines over time.  In turn, this will enable the children to develop an appreciation of and a respect for outdoor areas. Underpinning the curriculum with STEM and outdoor learning opportunities will also help the children develop a more resilient ‘can-do’ attitude, enhance team-building skills and develop a greater sense of community.