Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School

Writing / Spelling 



In EYFS children are given opportunities to become immersed in an environment rich in print and possibilities for communication. They use a writing book and follow the marking and feedback policy that links into KS1 to aid transition.


We seek all opportunities to embedded cross curricular writing across the whole curriculum. 


In KS1 and KS2 teachers follow a teaching sequence for writing:


Introduction to a text type

-  Establish the purpose for looking at a particular text.

- Predict what the text/learning will be about.

- Re-cap on previous learning that may be linked.

Reading to develop specific objectives

- Prediction; deducing; making connections; scanning; looking for high frequency or tricky words; sounding out words or substituting words that might fit; comprehension questioning; using pictures to help; inference.

- Discussion about what the characters are like, what they do and why, what have we learnt from the text?

- How the author makes us think about…?  Where is the evidence?

- Hot seating, character development games.

- Favourite parts/characters etc.

- Likes/dislikes.

Analysing the text

- Looking at how the text is written.

- Deciding on what a good text would have in it if we were writing one ourselves; listing these points and deciding upon main features.  WAGOLL!

- Highlighting and labelling the text for special features.

- Generating success criteria together.

Introduction for writing

- Gathering ideas for writing.

- Stimulating ideas for writing from discussion, drama and new and exciting experiences.

- Deciding the audience and purpose for writing and deciding if one type of writing is better suited for the job than another.

The writing process

- The children and teacher plan their writing using what they know about that form of writing.  They use sentence structures and language to convey meaning appropriately.  They also apply their word level skills.

- The children take part in supported composition, drafting and editing with the teacher.

Updated current curriculum information coming soon... 

Talk for Writing Video with Key Actions