Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School

Writing / Spelling 



At HCCPS we use the Talk for Writing approach to deliver our Writing Curriculum.


Writing is taught using the Talk4Writing programme. The three stages of the process imitate, innovate and independent application are followed through in each unit of work. The core texts have been planned and approved by our Writing Subject Leader to ensure there is progression and challenge across each year, building upon texts learnt previously.

Each year group study a range of fiction and non-fiction genres each year. The curriculum is mapped to ensure that a range of genres are covered across each of the year groups.

In EYFS they also follow the same Talk4Writing programme with a clearer focus on children ‘imitating’ and internalising the text, slowly building up to more independent writing. In Reception non-fiction and fiction text types are covered. Traditional tales provide the starting point for much of the literacy content.

The fiction text genres are:

  • A wishing story
  • A defeating the monster story
  • A losing story
  • A warning story
  • A suspense story
  • A journey/adventure story
  • A rags to riches/change story
  • A fantasy/portal story


The non-fiction text genres are:

  • Instructions
  • Persuasion
  • Discussion
  • Recount
  • Report
  • Explanation




Children learn each core text using actions and maps to help them internalise the structure of the text. They focus on being able to ‘talk the text’, reading for vocabulary and comprehension, as well as exploring the underlying structure and language patterns. 


Once children have internalised the core text, they are then able to change aspects of it in order to create their own story using the structures of the original. Shared and guided writing is used intently at this stage to craft effective and increasingly accurate pieces of writing.

Independent Application

Children use what they have learnt to create their own imaginative and effective pieces of writing.



Talk for Writing Video with Key Actions