Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School


The introduction of activities using outdoor and woodland areas is providing more stimulation for writing.  Pupils work productively in lessons and their books show that they are using more complex words and sentence structures.

As pupils move through the school, the expectations change; they learn more in reading, writing and mathematics and they are confident learners. In discussions about their work, pupils found key pieces of work in their books where their teacher had highlighted their strengths, but, importantly, pupils identified what they could improve. Pupils were proud of making gains in their knowledge and understanding in subsequent work.

Pupils enjoy their work. Topic books and displays of work show that they are encountering interesting experiences and projects in a broad range of subjects such as science, history, geography and religious education (RE).

Pupils’ attitudes to learning are strong. They settle quickly to tasks and concentrate for sustained periods. Pupils are keen to learn and do their best.

(Ofsted, July 2019) 

Curriculum Intent 

Our curriculum at Hutton Cranswick C P School is inspired by and reflects our Vision and Aims.


Aspire, Believe, Succeed – Together We Achieve


As our vision states we will – aspire to be the best we can be, allowing everyone to achieve and experience success.

In order to achieve this we will:


H - Help grow good people who are inspired to make a difference to our community and world.

C - Care for and value ourselves and each other, ensuring everyone feels happy and has a smile on their face.

C - Celebrate positive and enthusiastic learners who persevere with challenges.

P - Provide a safe environment where we feel safe and act responsibly.

S - Secure and develop skills that will help us throughout life.


We nurture and develop learners for life by ensuring that our curriculum is broad and balanced, relevant, purposeful and above all prepares our children for the next stages of their learning journey and beyond. Our curriculum is highly aspirational and challenges all children to ‘Be the Best they can Be’. Building upon the objectives of the National Curriculum, East Riding RE syllabus and sport provisions, our curriculum fully equips the children with a breadth of knowledge, skills and experiences.


The rationale behind our curriculum is to offer our children a wide range of experiences to extend and enrich their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. We place considerable emphasis on active involvement, opportunities and enrichment which makes our curriculum unique: inspiring environments, school visits, school visitors, bespoke parental engagement and celebrations of success all combine to provide the best possible curriculum experience. We actively promote British values and embed SMSC across the curriculum to prepare our children for life in modern day Britain.  


Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are developed at our school that equip our children with a toolkit of transferable skills to enable them to become lifelong learners and to function positively in their present and future lives.


In collaboration with all stakeholders we decided on four key concepts that underpin our curriculum. These key concepts are based on what is relevant to our children’s needs, the school context, community and opportunities available.

These four concepts are:

R – Responsibility (Do the children take ownership?)

E – Empathy (Are the children considerate of others and the world?)

A – Ambition for Life (Do the children have high aspirations?)

L – Love of Learning (Are children inspired?)

Curriculum Implementation 

Below is our two year Curriculum Cycle.  

Follow this link to find out more about our East Riding Agreed Syllabus - A Syllabus for Religion and Worldviews. 

How do we keep you informed?

Each term every class will receive a curriculum newsletter. This will contain information about what is being taught across that term, and any ways you can support and get involved. We also save these in our Curriculum Newsletters section of our website. 

As well as this, we offer regular parents/carers evenings and hold other events throughout the year to celebrate children's learning. 

Don't forget to keep up to date with our learning on Twitter @HuttonCran 

If you would like to know more about our Curriculum please don't hesitate to contact us at school. Your child's class teacher and/or a member of the Senior Leadership Team would be more than happy to help. 

To find out more about our Curriculum please read our Curriculum Policy shown below. For further information about each subject and our HCCPS Learning Challenges, please see our subject specific pages within the Teaching and Learning section.