School uniform is now no longer kept in school. A Hutton Cranswick based business, H and K Embroidery, are taking over the making of our uniform at the most competitive prices we can find, which is great for parents. It can be ordered online here.


Hutton Cranswick School Uniform Policy

  • The preferred mode of dress for normal school lessons is school uniform; a school polo and/or sweatshirt, worn over grey trousers or skirt. A plain white or yellow polo is acceptable, as is a plain blue sweat shirt.
  • No child will be sent home for wearing clothes of the wrong colour, but the school reserves the right to send home pupils who are wearing totally inappropriate clothing.
  • In warmer weather, the wearing of smart shorts is acceptable, as is the wearing of blue school dresses.
  • Pupils are expected to change for PE into shorts and t-shirts. The preferred t-shirts are those with the school logo on them. Trainers should be brought for outside PE lessons, and tracksuit bottoms and warmer sports tops are acceptable in cold weather for lessons taken outside.
  • A change of shoes should be brought so that pupils can change when they come into school. All shoes, indoor and outdoor, should be sensible and should not be such as to cause any danger to the child or others.
  • Extreme haircuts- the school is entitled to ask parents to collect children who are wearing extreme haircuts which may distract from learning.
  • No jewellery is allowed except a watch and a pair of small stud ear-rings; a permission slip must be completed and returned if any parent wishes their child to wear ear-rings. Tape must be worn for PE to cover any stud earrings.
  • The school does not advise the wearing of jewellery, and cannot accept responsibility for its loss or damage, nor for any injury which the jewellery may cause.
  • Clothing for visits out of school will normally be the same as for normal school days; if there is any change to the dress code, parents will be informed.