"Children make particularly good progress in their literacy, numeracy and personal and social skills because they enjoy what they do and expectations are high. The teaching of phonics is very good, as is the development of children’s writing and number skills." Ofsted May 2015

What and how are we teaching your child?

This section of the website aims to give you some idea of curriculum coverage for each year group, as well as tell you more about how we teach some of the core elements in school - reading, writing and maths.



What are we learning in Autumn 2018? 

What is happening in each year group in Summer 2018? 

What are we learning in Spring 2018?

Here is the information from the Autumn 2017 term:





How do we teach your child to read?


You can read about how reading is taught in school in the following 2 documents:

Teaching reading at Hutton Cranswick 

Guided Reading approach


What process do we go through when we teach writing?


You can read about how writing is taught in school in the following 2 documents:

Teaching writing at Hutton Cranswick

The writing process at Hutton Cranswick - How do we get to a quality, independent piece of writing?



How do we assess the progress your child is making in school?

You can read the school's Assessment Policy. This will provide you with information on how we assess progress, how we gather data and when this occurs throughout the year.


High Expectations

Building further on our personalised learning goals is a heightened set of expectations of performance across school. Teachers are set challenging targets to improve pupil progress, but children are also expected to perform at their best level at all times.

When children have shown that they are producing their best work consistently using our cursive script technique, they are then allowed to write in pen in their books. 

Our handwriting style: